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Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight Board Chair Frustrated With Local Politicians

NPR’s Michel Martin talks to Jose Carrion, the chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight and Management Board.

How Bomba Music Helps Puerto Ricans Cope

Bomba has always been a way for those who play and dance it to forget the troubles. It was true for the island’s African slaves who first started dancing it centuries ago. It was true after Hurricane Maria, too.

‘Don’t Look Back’: Graduates Who Pursued College When Hurricane Maria Hit

After Hurricane Maria, some college students left Puerto Rico to enroll on the mainland. For one young woman, graduation after a difficult year felt like a triumph.

Barbershop: Puerto Rico Journalists

In the Barbershop this week, NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Puerto Rican journalists Adriana De Jesús Salamán, Ezequiel Rodríguez Andino and Jay Fonseca.

Puerto Rico’s Devastation Permeates Plena

Plena musician Hector “Tito” Matos says the government hasn’t been transparent about the death toll after Hurricane Maria. He channels that frustration into his music.

Calculating The Hurricane Maria Aftermath

NPR’s Michel Martin talks to Carla Minet, journalist and executive director of the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico, As Hurricane Season Returns

To answer the question of whether Puerto Rico is prepared for this year’s hurricane season, you have to understand how far the island has come since Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico Faces Pressure Over Disputed Death Toll

A study out of Harvard University estimates that the death toll from Hurricane Maria was close to 5,000. That’s in contrast to the Puerto Rican government’s official number, 64.

New Hampshire Mothers Struggling With Opioid Addiction Fight To Keep Their Children

New Hampshire parents who are trying to overcome opioid abuse face a ticking clock and limited state resources to try to keep their parental rights.

He Rebuilt His Life, Only To Be Sent Back To Prison

Matthew Charles was among thousands released from federal prison following changes to minimum sentencing guidelines. He rebuilt his life, but a federal judge ordered him back to prison.

The Asian-American Voters Of Orange County

Asian-Americans are the fastest growing demographic in the once tried-and-true Republican Orange County, Calif.

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