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Sante Fe High School Students Graduate After Shooting

High school graduations are momentous for students about to head out into the world. And ceremonies at Santa Fe High School were particularly emotional two weeks after a mass shooting.

Coming Up Tomorrow

Sunday on Weekend Edition, Lulu Garcia-Navarro looks at how California is teaching kids about marijuana now that the drug is legal there.

The Russia Investigations: What ‘Collusion’ Means Now

The current trajectory — if it holds — might be as good a political outcome as the White House could have hoped for: “Collusion” is a thing Democrats believe occurred while Republicans do not.

Study Estimates Hurricane Maria Killed Nearly 5,000, But Barely Makes News

NPR’s Scott Simon muses about how the media covered Roseanne Barr’s tweet compared with a new count of the lives lost and devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Flooding And Rising Seas Threaten America’s Oldest Farmland

Some of the oldest farmland in America is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. But as sea levels rise, saltwater is killing crops and threatening a way of life.

Why Children Aren’t Behaving, And What You Can Do About It

A new book argues that children are less disciplined than ever. Author Katherine Reynolds Lewis identifies several culprits, and says there are several things parents, teachers and caregivers can do.

Virgin Islands Still Recovering From 2017 Hurricanes As New Season Begins

Eight months after hurricanes Irma and Maria, an emergency repair program has just started in the Virgin Islands. A program to rebuild thousands of destroyed homes is still months away.

Minnesota Archdiocese Reaches $210 Million Settlement With 450 Clergy Abuse Victims

After 41 months of litigation and negotiations, the Catholic church agreed to the second-largest payout to sexual abuse victims in U.S. history.

More Vets Coping With PTSD After Sexual Assaults Get Honorable Discharges

Heath Phillips is one of them, after a three-decade struggle. He had accepted a lesser discharge to avoid court martial with “no clue” that it would cut him off from jobs and veterans’ aid.

As Graduates In Santa Fe And Parkland Look Ahead, A Look Back On Activism This Year

Student-led demonstrations calling for an end to gun violence gained traction after the shooting at a Parkland, Fla. high school. As the year ends, here’s a look at how the movement has gone.

Facebook Is Scrapping Its Troubled ‘Trending’ News Section

The head of site’s news product announced Friday that the feature was “less and less useful.” And it caused the company major headaches.

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