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Prosecutors Call Former Embassy Employee an ‘Experienced Sexual Predator’

Brian Jeffrey Raymond, who worked at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, was charged with videotaping a woman who was partially naked and unconscious. Prosecutors said there are at least 21 other victims.

A Korean news agency publishes an op-ed from Biden.

A South Korean news agency published an op-ed from Joe Biden.

You’re Not Too Old to Talk to Someone

Studies have shown that older people do as well in psychotherapy as younger ones. But finding and affording therapy can prove difficult.

In Michigan, a Suburban County That Flipped Blue Isn’t Looking Back

Oakland County, Mich., a Republican stronghold 12 years ago that is now solidly Democratic, is a prime example of the political evolution taking place in many of the nation’s suburbs.

Vote Centers Open After a Week of Wildfires

Friday: Fires caused tens of thousands of Orange County residents to flee their homes this week. No ballots were damaged and polls will open, officials say.

Will the Hardest-Hit Communities Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

A committee that advises the C.D.C.’s director is working on a plan to equitably distribute immunizations when they become available.

Who Will Win Florida? What Polls Say About an Eternal Mystery

Joe Biden has cut into President Trump’s edge among suburbanites and older voters, but his support from Latino voters appears weaker than Hillary Clinton’s was.

Neither Trump Nor Biden Drink Alcohol

Spirits may be low around the country, but don’t expect them to be raised in the White House after the election; neither President Trump nor Joseph R. Biden Jr. partakes in alcohol.

What’s the Line Between Legal Poll Watching and Illegal Intimidation?

A Justice Department guide notes that voter intimidation is “amorphous and largely subjective in nature.”

2016 Nonvoters, a Key Prize for Biden and Trump, Turn Out in Droves

In Pennsylvania and other battlegrounds, both parties are succeeding in coaxing infrequent voters off the sidelines. The all-important question is who does it better.

Dan Baum, Journalist, Author and Long-Form Tweeter, Dies at 64

He was a Twitter pioneer in writing at length, 140 characters at a time, about losing his job at The New Yorker. He wrote an admired book on New Orleans.

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