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Illinois Governor’s Race Shows G.O.P.’s Lurch to Right (With Nudge From Left)

Democrats meddled to boost State Senator Darren Bailey in the G.O.P. primary for Illinois governor. But efforts to elevate far-right candidates in Colorado fizzled.

Who Won and Who Lost in Tuesday’s Primary Elections

Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York will face Representative Lee Zeldin this fall. Two Trump-endorsed candidates won key primaries in Illinois. Here’s what else happened.

Building Owner Charged in Fire That Killed a Philadelphia Firefighter

The man was charged with two counts related to arson after he fled to Jordan and was arrested on his return to the U.S., the authorities said.

Tina Peters Loses the G.O.P. Primary for Colorado Secretary of State

Ms. Peters, who has become a celebrity in far-right circles, was beaten by Ms. Anderson, a longtime election official who has been a vocal opponent of misinformation about the 2020 contest.

Darren Bailey Will Be the Republican Nominee for Illinois Governor

Mr. Bailey overcame a well-funded rival backed by the state’s Republican leaders with some unusual help: tens of millions of dollars from Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire Democrat.

State Battles Are Defining the Shifting Abortion Landscape

An absolute abortion ban that Texas wrote before Roe v. Wade is on hold while a long-ago ban in Wisconsin reaches the courts. A previously blocked six-week ban in Tennessee has taken effect.

Democrats Press the White House for a More Assertive Response to Roe’s Fall

The initial response by President Biden and other Democratic leaders to the overturning of Roe struck many Democrats as painfully inadequate.

What We Know About the Migrant Deaths in San Antonio

Authorities are working to identify the dozens of victims, who are believed to be migrants. Three people have been detained. And local police planned to search the site for more bodies on Tuesday.

At Least 46 Migrants Found Dead in San Antonio

At least 16 others from the tractor-trailer in San Antonio, including some children, were taken to hospitals. Three people were in custody, officials said.

Colorado: How to vote, Where to Vote and What’s on the Ballot

Colorado conducts its elections mainly by mail. Here’s what else to know.

These Are Some of the Deadliest Instances of Migrant Deaths on the Southern Border

The journey north for migrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico is usually dangerous and sometimes fatal. Dozens of migrants have died in crashes or trapped in hot, airless trailers.

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