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With Putin, Biden Tries to Forge a Bond of Self-Interest, Not Souls

Theirs seems likely to be a strained and frustrating association, one where the two leaders may maintain a veneer of civil discourse even as they joust on the international stage.

Larry Householder, a Former Speaker, Is Expelled from the Ohio House

The 75-to-21 vote to expel Representative Larry Householder came nearly a year after he was charged in a wide-ranging conspiracy to bail out a foundering energy company.

Juneteenth Poll: Most Americans Know Little or Nothing About Holiday

Academics believe that increases in the number of Americans familiar with the holiday, which commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S., may be a result of last summer’s protests against racism.

How Emergent BioSolutions Earned Profits But Delivered Disappointing Vaccine Returns

Emergent BioSolutions was awarded a $628 million federal contract with no competitive bidding. Top executives received big bonuses while factories mostly sat idle and tens of millions of Covid-19 doses were thrown away.

Man, 20, Is Found Guilty in Colorado School Shooting

Devon Erickson was one of two students who planned and carried out an attack at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in which one student was killed and eight others were injured on May 7, 2019.

Texas Says It Will Build the Wall, and Abbott Asks Online Donors to Pay for It

Gov. Greg Abbott said he would draw on $250 million of state revenues to begin work on a border wall and asked supporters to chip in with donations to a crowdfunding website.

Justice Dept. Ends Criminal Inquiry and Lawsuit on John Bolton’s Book

President Donald J. Trump had pressured the department to use its legal powers to stop his former national security adviser from publishing embarrassing details about him.

Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis Is Charged With Murder

Nicholas Kraus of St. Paul, Minn., was drunk at the time of the crash, the authorities said. Deona Marie Erickson, 31, a social justice advocate, was killed in the episode.

Simone Biles’s Brother Is Acquitted of Murder Charges

Tevin Biles-Thomas was charged in the fatal shooting of three people at a New Year’s Eve party in 2018. This week, a judge said prosecutors had not presented enough evidence to convict him.

House Passes Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

The measure would designate June 19 as a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery. More than a dozen Republicans voted against it.

Southern Baptist Vote Signals Further Fractures in American Evangelicalism

The establishment narrowly headed off a takeover attempt by a hard-right movement. Some backers of the losing candidate are now considering leaving altogether.

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