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Trump Posts Video Online With Newspaper Headline About ‘Unified Reich’

The 30-second video shared from Donald Trump’s Truth Social account includes World War I-era newspaper clippings alongside fictional headlines presuming a Trump victory in November.

Red Lobster, an American Seafood Institution, Files for Bankruptcy

Facing challenges since the start of the pandemic, the seafood chain said it would reduce its locations and sell off most of its assets.

Dartmouth’s President Is Censured by Faculty Over Protest Actions

The president, Sian Leah Beilock, called in the police just hours after a pro-Palestinian encampment went up on campus. A bystander and a professor were injured.

A High-Stress Countdown Begins

The prosecution rested its case and closing arguments are expected to begin next week.

Schumer Announces Senate Will Vote Again on Border Bill

The bipartisan border enforcement compromise, blocked by Republicans in February, is all but certain to be thwarted again. Democrats aim to tag the G.O.P. as the culprit in its failure.

U.S. ‘Condolences’ for Raisi Reflect a Delicate Diplomatic Ritual

Whether it’s Stalin or Castro or Kim Jong-il, the United States struggles for the right words when a reviled foreign strongman dies.

Top Education Officials Were Warned of FAFSA Overhaul Hurdles in 2020

Documents obtained by The Times show the department’s troubled FAFSA rollout this year came in spite of early warnings that the project required sustained attention.

Trump’s Eyes Wide Shut Strategy

The prosecution rested its case. And Trump rested his eyes.

Cargo Ship That Crashed Into Baltimore Bridge Moves Back to Port

The Dali, which had been pinned under wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge since late March, was refloated early Monday and returned to a berth in Baltimore.

F.B.I. Shed Informants Linked to Russian Influence Operations

After a secret review several years ago, the bureau cut off confidential sources thought to be connected to Russian disinformation.

Iran’s Next Leaders Face a Choice: Aggression or Caution

The question is whether the successors to the president and foreign minister will take a similar path by keeping slivers of communication open, and avoiding direct conflict with the United States.

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