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As Primaries Begin, Divided Voters Weigh What It Means to Be a Democrat

Primary elections in Texas on Tuesday and Illinois this month will test the growing divide in the Democratic Party between bold liberalism and tradition.

Did Melania Trump Merit an ‘Einstein Visa’? Probably, Immigration Lawyers Say

Requirements for the elite EB-1 visa leave far more room for interpretation than its reputation and nickname suggest.

A Night of Laughs Between Trump and His Favorite Punching Bag

President Trump made his first foray into the Washington social scene by attending the 133rd annual Gridiron Club Dinner with a group of journalists.

Mueller’s Focus on Adviser to United Arab Emirates Indicates Widening of Inquiry

The special counsel has asked about the role of the adviser, George Nader, in White House policymaking, indicating that he is examining Emirati influence on the Trump administration.

Trump’s Yanked Support for Hudson Tunnel Angers Those Who Saw a Done Deal

President Trump’s move to block funding for an infrastructure project that’s widely viewed as an urgent need is the latest twist in a yearslong saga.

Gunman Was Acting Oddly Before Shooting at Central Michigan University, Police Say

The university sophomore approached campus police and expressed concern he was in danger the day before his parents were shot and killed, officials said.

Escalating Trade Fight, Trump Threatens Higher Taxes on European Cars

It was the latest indication that President Trump is standing by his decision to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports from all countries.

Six Dead, Including Two Children, in Fierce Nor’easter

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic were still reeling on Saturday from the heavy snow, rain and high winds that ripped through the regions on Friday.

White House Memo: Live From the West Wing, Trump Pulls Back the Curtain

Televised discussion sessions on the issues of the day allow President Trump to show the public how he does his job. It’s a form of performance art for a president who has the instincts of a showman.

Once Banned, Now Loved and Loathed: How the AR-15 Became ‘America’s Rifle’

The AR-15 cemented its place in American culture after the assault weapons ban ended, at a time of heightened interest in the military, and as shooting was popularized in video game culture.

When Hollywood Is Our Mirror

When was the first time you saw yourself represented on the silver screen? Members of the Race/Related team share their answers and ask for yours.

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