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Kansas Man Pleads Guilty to Indian Immigrant’s Murder

A Kansas man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the murder of an Indian-born engineer who was confronted about his immigration status at a bar, then fatally shot.

With U.S. and North Korea, a Repeated History of Hope and Disappointment

Diplomacy between the United States and North Korea has gone through familiar cycles of long stagnation, followed by brief bursts of hope, and then inevitable disappointment.

Spooked by Trump Proposals, Immigrants Abandon Public Nutrition Services

Fearful of hurting their citizenship eligibility or being deported, families are said to be dropping out of the programs even before the administration’s immigration policies are in place.

Megan Barry, Nashville Mayor, Pleads Guilty to Theft and Agrees to Resign

Ms. Barry faced persistent questions about taxpayer-funded trips she took with the head of her security detail, with whom she has acknowledged having an affair.

West Virginia Raises Teachers’ Pay to End Statewide Strike

Under a deal reached Tuesday, lawmakers enacted 5 percent raises for all state workers. Union leaders said it was enough to get the teachers back to work after almost two weeks.

No Chaos in White House, Trump Says, ‘Only Great Energy’

President Trump pushed back against reports that his White House is in chaos after the resignations of senior staff members.

California Today: California Today: The East L.A. Walkouts, 50 Years Later

Tuesday: Students get a history lesson as they prepare their own protests, a committee that could kill the Qualcomm takeover bid, and a Museum of Selfies.

Fighting Poverty, Drugs and Even Violence, All on a Teacher’s Salary

For more than a century, major teacher strikes like the one in West Virginia have come as educators have been asked to shoulder society’s biggest challenges and ills.

He Turned on Al Qaeda and Aided the U.S. Now He’s on Food Stamps and Needs a Job.

Bryant Neal Vinas, a convicted terrorist, thought he would be rewarded for telling the F.B.I. everything he knew. Instead, he is living unprotected in New York.

Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Tariffs but Opens Door to Compromise

Republicans intensified pressure on Mr. Trump to relent on his steel and aluminum tariffs while the president indicated he might provide exemptions for certain countries.

Who Should Be Armed in Florida Schools? Not Teachers, Lawmakers Say. But Maybe Librarians.

After a debate on the State Senate floor on Monday, Republican legislative leaders backed off on arming most teachers, but voted to allow others in schools to carry guns.

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