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F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump Calls It ‘Disgraceful’

Mr. Cohen is at the center of several aspects of the special counsel’s investigation. He also acknowledged paying $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, who said she had a sexual encounter with Mr. Trump.

Doctors Urge Elite Academy to Expel a Member Over Charges of Plagiarism

National Academy of Medicine was asked to tighten ethics rules following the strange case of a member accused of plagiarism and false claims of top scientific honors.

Body Found Off California Coast May Be Teenager From S.U.V. Plunge

The floating body was discovered by a couple on vacation. It may belong to one of the three teenagers still missing after their family’s car plummeted off a cliff.

Federal Budget Deficit Projected to Soar to Over $1 Trillion in 2020

The new Congressional Budget Office analysis, which includes the cost of the Republican tax cuts, projects the national debt to reach a level economists say could court a crisis.

Trump Calls Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Atrocious’

President Trump said at a cabinet meeting on Monday that he would make a decision in the next 24 to 48 hours about whether to retaliate militarily to the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Trump Lauds Potential North Korea Summit as ‘Very Exciting for the World’

The president now says his planned meeting with Kim Jong-un, the reclusive North Korean leader, could come in May or June.

Rick Scott Senate Run Returns Florida to Battleground

As the governor enters the U.S. Senate race, Florida will once more be a centerpiece state in a tumultuous election year.

California Today: California Today: Saudi Prince Tours Los Angeles and San Francisco

Monday: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in California, Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify in Congress, and electric scooters take over San Francisco.

Tony Robbins Apologizes for Saying Women Use #MeToo to Gain ‘Significance’

Mr. Robbins, a life coach, also said powerful men told him they hadn’t hired women in the past because they would be “too big a risk.”

Feature: The Post-Campaign Campaign of Donald Trump

He has been president for more than a year — so why is he still holding rallies?

The 10-Year Baby Window That Is the Key to the Women’s Pay Gap

Women who have their first child before 25 or after 35 eventually close the salary divide with their husbands. It’s the years in between that are most problematic, research shows.

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