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Analysis: Trump’s Steel Tariffs Raise Fears of a Damaging Trade War

A global tit-for-tat on trade could crimp economic growth, undermining the stimulative effects of President Trump’s deregulation push and his signature $1.5 trillion tax cut.

After Brief Split, Trump and N.R.A. Appear to Reconcile

President Trump, who has vowed to the N.R.A. that “I will never, ever let you down,” seems likely to keep that promise given his bond with gun owners and their culture.

Richard Weinstein, Public-Minded Urban Planner, Dies at 85

Seeking more livable cities, he sought to preserve neighborhoods’ historic character, leaving his mark on New York and Los Angeles.

Anatomy of a School Lockdown: A Threat, then the Anxious Wait

Schools have seen more threats and false alarms since the recent shooting in Parkland, Fla. “We can no longer say, ‘Aww, he didn’t mean it,’” an Illinois officer says.

John Kelly Acknowledges He Mishandled Accusations About Rob Porter

Mr. Kelly, President Trump’s chief of staff, backed up the F.B.I. director’s statement that information about Mr. Porter had been delivered to the White House last March.

How to Market an AR-15-Style Rifle: Use Freedom and Fun?

Here’s a look at how AR-15-style rifles and other firearms are marketed.

How Trump’s Tariffs May Pose a Threat to Allies and Economic Growth

American allies and economists worry that the president’s plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum could start a trade war.

West Virginia Teacher Strike Enters Its Seventh Day

The strike has entered new territory, as teachers defy efforts from the governor and union leaders to end the walkout with a deal.

Delta Might End All ‘Politically Divisive’ Group Discounts

After Georgia lawmakers punished Delta for removing a discount for N.R.A. members, its C.E.O. wrote to employees stressing neutrality on gun control.

Nor’easter Live Updates: At Least 5 Die as Storm Topples Trees and Strands Travelers

A fierce storm downed power lines, forced the cancellation of thousands of flights and inundated coastal roads with churning seawater on Friday.

Two Fatally Shot on Central Michigan University Campus

The police arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting early Saturday. They had been seeking a college student whose parents were the victims.

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