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Justice Dept. Objects to Releasing Affidavit Used to Search Trump’s Home

Prosecutors say its release would compromise the investigation into Donald J. Trump’s handling of secret documents after he left office. Now a judge must decide.

Plaintiffs in Long Fight Over Endangered Salmon Hope a Resolution Is Near

The Biden administration is in talks with tribes, environmental groups and others fighting for dams to be removed from the lower Snake River in the Pacific Northwest.

Muslim Killings in Albuquerque Stir Sectarian Ghosts

An Afghan family struggled for a foothold in a new home in the U.S. Now one of them is charged with killing fellow Muslims.

Giuliani Is Told He Is a Target in Trump Election Inquiry in Georgia

Rudolph W. Giuliani, as former President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer, spearheaded efforts to keep Mr. Trump in power.

Liz Cheney’s Primary in Wyoming Is Expected to End a Dynasty Era

If Representative Liz Cheney loses her primary on Tuesday, as is widely expected, the Cowboy State’s conservative tilt will take on a harder edge.

Texas Man Convicted of Sex Crimes Took Deadly Drink in Court, Lawyers Say

Prosecutors believe that Edward Peter Leclair slipped poison into his bottled water and drank it, choosing death instead of prison time.

Migrant Apprehensions Surpass a Fiscal Year Record

Border officials already had apprehended more migrants by June than they had in the entire previous fiscal year, and are on track to exceed two million by the end of September.

Surviving Relatives of U.S. Drone Strike Victims Remain Stranded in Afghanistan

Nearly a year after the strike that killed 10 civilians, more than 30 people the Biden administration pledged to help resettle in the U.S. are still trying to leave the country.

In Alaska, Sarah Palin’s Political Comeback Stirs Debate Among Voters

As Ms. Palin seeks the state’s lone House seat in elections on Tuesday, voters appeared torn on whether she remained committed to them or had abandoned them for national fame.

Senate G.O.P. Campaign Arm Slashes TV Ad Buys in Three States

In a sign that fund-raising trouble is taking a serious toll, a key political committee cancels ad plans in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

U.S. Will Not Release $3.5 Billion in Frozen Afghan Funds, Citing Terror Fears

An American official said the United States could not guarantee that the money would not fall into terrorist hands, so it has ruled out releasing it anytime soon.

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