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At least 6 dead, hundreds injured as magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Turkey, Greece

At least 20 buildings in Izmir, Turkey have been destroyed. At least four people are dead and more are likely trapped in rubble.


Donald Trump Jr. says recent COVID-19 deaths are ‘almost nothing.’ More than 20K people died this month.

Trump Jr. stated on Fox News that he “went through the CDC data” and incorrectly found that the number of COVID-19 deaths has significantly declined.


The Day of the Dead: The Aztec holiday explained in graphics

Here’s the story of Día de los Muertos, the Aztec holiday that originated in southern Mexico, and tips to celebrate it safely with family and friends.


Millions of Americans are voting for the first time this year, and it’s not just young people

Voter turnout for the 2020 election has been “stunning” so far. And voters of all ages are casting ballots for the first time.


Best Buy just dropped a surprise Black Friday 2020 Sale and these are the best deals

Shop the Best Buy Black Friday 2020 preview sale to save on Bluetooth headphones, TCL TVs, Amazon devices and more.


Live election updates: We’re just four days away from the election. Here’s what you need to know

The Biden and Trump campaigns will hold dueling events in two states: Minnesota and Wisconsin, with drastically different event styles.


In fierce presidential battle for Pennsylvania, Black voters could make all the difference

2020 could see a historic turnout among Black voters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania amid a national debate on systemic racism.


Early votes in Texas surpass total cast in 2016 with Election Day still to go

More than 9 million voters in Texas have already cast their ballots  – surpassing the 8,969,226 total votes in the 2016 general election.


‘GMA,’ ‘Today’ show, ‘Kelly and Ryan’ celebrate COVID-era Halloween with festive costumes

Morning and daytime talk show hosts are bringing the Halloween spirit with their upbeat costumes. Check out their best looks.

More than 230 election-related federal lawsuits have been filed already. A look at each state.

COVID-19 and a continuing escalation of political rancor have contributed to a record-setting year of election lawsuits that could sway the election.


Many people in jail are eligible to vote. But casting a ballot behind bars isn’t easy

Hundreds of thousands of people are detained at local jails across the U.S. While most are eligible to vote, many face ‘de facto’ disenfranchisement.


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