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Washington Football Team trademark request in jeopardy after patent ruling

The “Washington Football Team” faces new trademark challenges after an initial refusal of the patent application.


Tropical Storm Claudette drenches regions of Gulf Coast; threats of flooding, tornadoes continue

Claudette made landfall in southeast Louisiana just before 7 a.m. CT Saturday and is drenching coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.


West’s drought has no end in sight: ‘If we do nothing, it’s going to be really bad’

Drought in California, Utah, Nevada and other Western states has no end in sight. Water conservation is needed, but some fear it won’t be enough.


Looking for last-minute Father’s Day gifts? MasterClass has you covered with this incredible deal

Those looking for last-minute Father’s Day gifts will want to check out MasterClass, which is offering a great two-for-one deal—find out more.


Hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi wins Iran presidency: 3 ways it matters

Ebrahim Raisi will be the first serving Iranian president sanctioned by the U.S. government even before entering office.


On Father’s Day, I’m thankful for the lesson my son has taught me and sorry it took me so long to learn

As Father’s Day approaches, I realized that I owed my son two things after a year of life during the pandemic.


New York City’s chaotic mayoral campaign is jolted by a late twist

The race to become New York City’s 110th mayor began in a pandemic-enforced bubble, with the campaign playing out in drab Zoom forums, on social media and through the press, where email statements took the place of live exhortations to swells of suppor…

Simone Biles Glamour photographer: ‘Patriotism has many different looks’

Simone Biles’ Glamour shows both her star power and grace. It was shot by a Black woman who wanted to show that patriotism has many different faces.

EU recommends lifting travel restrictions for US tourists. Latest COVID-19 updates

Florida has been granted a preliminary injunction that could render CDC restrictions on cruising as optional starting next month. COVID-19 updates.


The same mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines could help treat cancer

Fighting COVID-19 proved a boon to cancer research. Here’s how scientists are using the same mRNA technology to attack tumors.


Ew! Spiders and mosquitoes: Graphics profile 8 summer household pests

Cockroaches, ticks and other bugs of summer that can thrive in your home. Here is what you should know about each one.


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