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Apple debuts AI features; how plastics became ingrained in our lives

Apple announced several new AI features and a partnership with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI at its Worldwide Developers Conference. How the plastic industry ingrained the material into our lives — and what activists are trying to do about it.

Russia has destroyed half of Ukraine’s energy production. How is the country coping?

The U.S. and Europe have pledged nearly $2 billion in aid for Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which has been devastated by Russian strikes. That damage has caused rolling blackouts.

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestinians are living their lives — anxiously

Palestinians living in Ramallah, the West Bank’s largest city, say they are trapped, unable to travel because of settler violence and checkpoints.

Green parties suffered dramatic losses in the European parliament elections

NPR’s Rob Schmitz asks Aurélien Saussay of the London School of Economics why support for Green parties crashed in last weekend’s European elections.

Morning news brief

The low-level war between Israel and Lebanon is ramping up. Southern Baptists are meeting in Indianapolis this week. Apple announces a partnership with OpenAI.

South Korean troops fired warning shots after brief border incursion from North

While Sunday’s incident happened amid simmering tensions between the two Koreas, observers say it won’t likely develop into another source of animosity.

Can the U.S. force a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas?

On Saturday, Israeli special forces rescued four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, killing at least 270 Palestinians and injuring hundreds in the process.

The rescue of the hostages was a moment of triumph for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he didn’t have long to bask in it.

Benny Gantz, a centrist member of Israel’s unity war cabinet, announced his resignation on Sunday, over Netanyahu’s management of the war in Gaza. After Gantz’s resignation, Netanyahu will be even more reliant on far-right members of his coalition, who have vocally opposed efforts to broker a cease-fire.

The U.S. continues to push a cease-fire proposal outlined last month, and on Monday the U.N. Security council passed a U.S.-drafted resolution supporting that deal.

NPR’s Michele Kelemen and Daniel Estrin help us get a sense of what this weekend’s events might mean for the war and its ending.

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Wild elephants may have names that other elephants use to call them

Forget names like “Dumbo”—wild elephants appear to have their own unique names that other elephants use while talking to them in low rumbles.

Election Surprises and a Surprise Election in Europe

In European Parliamentary elections, 27 countries went to the polls and handed right-wing parties big gains. And in a surprising move, the president of France dissolved the country’s parliament and called elections for the summer. We’ll hear analysis o…

The U.N. Security Council endorses U.S. cease-fire plan to end the war in Gaza

The council voted 14-0 to support President Biden’s step-by-step plan for a cease-fire, an exchange of hostages and prisoners and an end to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for snap elections

France’s president calls snap elections after the far-right made some big gains in European Union polls

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