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Trump Says He’s Considering Attending Controversial Jerusalem Embassy Opening

President Trump says the U.S.-Israel relationship is better than ever. He met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who faces snowballing corruption allegations at home.

Ex-Russian Who Spied For U.K. Critically Ill After Exposure To ‘Unknown Substance’

Sergei Skripal, 66, fell ill in a Salisbury shopping mall on Sunday. He was convicted in 2006 of having handed over the identities of Russian spies to MI6.

Aid Begins To Reach Besieged Syrian Region, But Many Medical Supplies Blocked

Trucks carrying food for 27,500 people have entered Eastern Ghouta, which has suffered weeks of brutal attacks. The Assad regime prohibited most of the convoy’s medical supplies from being sent in.

Aid Begins To Reach Besieged Syrian Region, As Civilian Deaths Continue

Trucks loaded with food people have entered Eastern Ghouta, but many medical supplies were blocked. Despite an ostensible “humanitarian corridor,” shelling continued as the aid was being delivered.

Gentleness as a German export

Angela Merkel, a pastor’s daughter raised under a communist regime, is set to serve a fourth term as leader of Europe’s largest economy – a feat that reveals a remarkable set of qualities in leadership. Merkel has shepherded Europe through a decade of…

After Italy’s Election, 2 Rival Populist Parties Claim Right To Lead Next Government

The success of the 5-Star Movement and the right-wing League in Sunday’s election is the worst blow to the European Union since British voters chose to leave the EU two years ago.

Shantou University was a model for China’s reform. Now, why is it toeing the line?

On a rainy morning in January, Yang Ting stood in front of 150 people in an auditorium at Shantou University and recited a poem called “Homeland, My Dear Homeland.” The poem, written by one of contemporary China’s most acclaimed poets, Shu Ting, is wid…

Why Won’t The Old Caveman Stereotypes For Neanderthals Die?

New evidence suggests Neanderthals made cave art — and they may also have created religious rituals. It’s time to let go of Neanderthal-human “border policing,” says anthropologist Barbara J. King.

From Cockpit To Controller: Former Pilot Finds A New Way To Fly

When former helicopter pilot Tony Zimlich retired from a 20-year military career, he worried about his civilian job prospects. Then he discovered the burgeoning world of commercial drone work.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu To Visit Trump For The 5th Time

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump boast of their strong relationship. They share something else — both are under legal scrutiny.

Preliminary Results: Italy’s Center-Right Coalition Leads After Election

Italians went to the polls Sunday after a campaign that featured violent clashes between fascists and anti-fascists in several cities. Immigration dominated the debate, as it has elsewhere in Europe.

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