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South Korean Officials Say Trump Agreed To Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

South Korean officials visiting the White House Thursday said they were passing along an invitation for President Trump from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The message suggested that Trump and Kim should meet to talk about denuclearization.

Kim Jong Un Extends Invite To President Trump, South Korean Officials Say

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has invited President Trump to talks, according to South Korean officials. They say Trump agreed to a meeting by May.

PHOTOS: Dispatches From International Women’s Day Demonstrations Around The Globe

In Spain, millions went on a nationwide strike. In Uganda, men took over the chores from women. In South Korea, #MeToo made a show of force. Here are just a few of the dozens of events Thursday.

Speculation Continues In Britain After Ex-Russian Spy Was Poisoned By Nerve Agent

Four days after a former Russian spy was poisoned by a nerve agent in the U.K., British authorities have yet to publicly accuse anyone of the attack. Yet speculation swirls about Russian involvement, and, as Luke Harding of The Guardian says, the poiso…

Why A Guatemala Justice Experiment Is Struggling To Survive

Guatemala is the site of a radical, internationally-led experiment in bringing the brutal and corrupt to justice. The project has had some breathtaking successes but is fighting to survive.

Europeans Are Running Late After Clocks Slow Down By Almost 6 Minutes

Europeans seem to be running later than usual recently, it’s not their fault — it’s the clocks.An electric grid linking 25 European countries, has experienced a shortage of power supply since mid-January. This power supply shortage has caused all the n…

In Texas midterms, ‘blue wave’ may look more like a ripple

Fernanda Hernandez was one of them, dashing to a polling site in south San Antonio during a work break on Tuesday. Could the long-predicted shift from red to blue in Texas finally be happening? Recommended: How much do you know about Texas?

Suing California: What Washington’s move means for future conflicts

In 2017, the state of California filed 24 cases against the Trump administration over issues that range from Obamacare to oil royalties. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday evening in Federal District Court in Sacramento, asks to block three “sanctuary” laws e…

Behold Greeks bearing a gift

The family of 28 nations known as the European Union has had a rough decade of near divorces. In other parts of Europe, similar parties have advanced. In 2009, the country of 11 million nearly brought down the eurozone and came close to exiting the E…

For Russians, PyeongChang was a success. But doping’s shadow still hard to escape.

Russian TV audiences were riveted, and social media exploded, when a hockey team of “athletes from Russia” won gold by defeating a German team in the final days of the PyeongChang Olympics and then, in defiance of the ban on Russian national symbols, l…

In Nigeria’s diverse Middle Belt, a drying landscape deepens violent divides

The attacks, which began on New Year’s Eve in remote parts of Benue, left 73 people dead. Violent clashes between semi-nomadic cattle herders like the Fulani and farming communities have increased in recent years – particularly in Nigeria’s Middle Bel…

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