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How Funny Is The New Africa Correspondent for Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’?

Comedian Loyiso Madinga delivers politics with a punchline in his segments for the Africa version of the Comedy Central program.

Russia wants US military out of Syria. But it still needs US to help bring peace.

Whatever the message the US hoped to send Russia with its carefully orchestrated missile barrage Friday on alleged chemical warfare sites in Syria, it doesn’t seem to have changed any minds in the Kremlin. Moscow remains convinced that the US has no c…

In Latest Trade Salvo, China Imposes 179 Percent Tariff On U.S. Sorghum

China’s Commerce Ministry says the preliminary finding of a two-month anti-dumping investigation found that imports of the U.S. cereal grain have been unfairly subsidized.

Russia’s Pacific Coast Economy Hurt By Sanctions Against North Korea

Russia’s support of U.N. sanctions against North Korea means the country will expel tens of thousands of North Korean migrant laborers. The Russian port city of Vladivostok is one area being impacted.

Russia: Chemical Weapons Inspectors Will Be Allowed Access To Syrian Site

After first denying independent inspectors from reaching the site of the alleged April 7 attack, Russia now says they will be allowed in after the roads have been cleared of mines.

News Brief: James Comey Talks To NPR, Michael Cohen Investigation, Shinzo Abe Visits U.S.

Former FBI Director James Comey talked with NPR about his actions during the 2016 campaign and his opinions on President Trump. Also, an update on the legal situation of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

The Challenges Of Weapons Inspections In Syria

Inspectors haven’t yet been to Douma, where the Syrian regime allegedly carried out a chemical attack. Noel King talks with former weapons inspector Jerry Smith, who worked in Syria in 2013.

Latest Outcry Over Violent Crime In London Has A Familiar Ring

A sharp rise in London’s violent crime rate earlier this year brought a shower of media attention. But those working with at-risk youth say such spikes have been happening for years.

Japan’s Shinzo Abe Travels To U.S. Amid Scandals At Home

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is traveling to the U.S. to meet with President Trump. Beyond tensions between the two allies, Abe faces scandals back home.

Legal question swirls around Trump: What constitutes obstruction of justice?

During his career, James Comey has served as a federal prosecutor, senior Justice Department official, corporate lawyer, and FBI director. If special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation proceeds as many Trump critics are hoping, Comey could eventua…

White House Clarifies Policy On Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he convinced President Trump to stay in Syria “long-term,” but the White House says the administration’s policy on Syria remains unchanged.

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