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Officer gets traffic stop surprise with runaway driver

A Louisville Metro Police Officer got the quite surprise on July third when he attempted to stop a vehicle on Tennessee Avenue. In the process of stopping, the driver of the vehicle bailed out of the moving car, then going between 2 and 5 MPH, and ran away. The car continued at a slow roll […]

Pizza Hut gets a surprise when car drives into store

Ricky McMichael was driving through a private shopping center on Shelbyville Road when he had a seizure behind the wheel; while McMichael was unable to control the vehicle, his car made its way over the curb and through the glass doors of a Pizza Hut. McMichael was treated at Baptist East. The accident occurred on […]

Imaginary parking space results in bump up

Brandi Ross was exiting her parking space, a legal space, at 2601 Broadway West when she rear ended a parked car belonging to Robert Bradley. The parked car that she hit was parked in an unmarked and undesignated space. The accident occurred on June 17 at 10:38 PM and resulted in minor damage to Ross’s […]

Motorcycle accident sees driver fleeing scene, leaving passenger behind

Cashmire Janes was traveling east on Chestnut in the right lane on a motorcycle while a passenger car was traveling in the left lane in the same direction. Janes attempted to make a left turn from the right lane onto 19th Street, causing the front of the passenger vehicle to strike the left side of […]

Speed enforcement panic causes I-264 bump up

A Louisville officer was conducting a speed enforcement exercise on I-264 East when he noticed two cars going at 75 mph. Upon noticing the officer, Leon Bridges applied his brakes quickly. Brandon Branch, who was behind Bridges and following very closely, could not stop before rear-ending Bridge’s vehicle, causing moderate damage to each. The accident […]

Minor accident on Baxter damages two vehicles

Bretta Stice attempted to turn left onto Baxter Avenue from Ellwood, but struck Elizabeth Laws’ vehicle in the driver side. Laws was traveling southbound on Baxter Avenue and had the right of way. Each vehicle sustained minor damage. The accident occurred on June 15th at 3: 57 PM.

Fender bender on Dixie Highway

On June 3rd at 10:15 AM, Victor Guetig and Melinda Jackson were both traveling Dixie Highway in their respective vehicles. After stopping for a red light, Guetig, who was behind Jackson, starting moving forward with the light change. Unfortunately, Jackson had yet to start moving, and Gueting rear-ended her vehicle. The accident caused minor damage […]

Lane Change Interaction Results in Accident on 7th Street Road

Ashley Bruner was attempting to change lanes on 7th Street Road. Bruner states that another driver waved her over, then sped up when she attempted to change lanes. She had to stop quickly to avoid incident, but when she started to move again lost control of the steering and ran her vehicle into the guardrail. […]

Right Turn from Left Lane Causes Severe Damage

Thomas Cooper was in the left only lane traveling westbound on Hill Street. He needed to turn right onto 7th Street South, and states that he ¬†waited for all the traffic to leave the right lane, put on his right turn signal, and then attempted to make his right turn from the left lane. As […]

A Boating Accident on Taylorsville Road

Demi Sizemore and Roger Carden were traveling west on Taylorsville Road in their respective vehicles when they were involved in the unexpected: A traffic accident with a boat. David Heston was attempting to turn left, from the opposing direction, which would have him cross the lanes in which Sizemore and Carden were traveling. Heston did […]

When Terry’s Collide

Terry Smith was driving southbound on 22nd Street when Terry Thompson drove across 22nd Street from Grand Avenue; Thompson drove in front of Smith, resulting in collision that forced Smith up an embankment and into the yard of a vacant residence. Thompson hit the fence of the neighboring residence. Thompson did state that he stopped […]

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