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State Farm has stopped accepting homeowner insurance applications in California

The announcement is the latest development in what has been a years-long issue in California: insurance companies dropping homeowners because of the growing risk of wildfires.

This mobile bathroom is designed to meet the specialized needs of the disabled public

It’s hard to find good public restrooms at festivals and other large events. It’s even harder if you’re someone with a profound disability. A woman in San Antonio has come up with a solution.

Texas House votes to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Republican-led Texas House of Representatives has voted to impeach Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

New plaques give names to those buried at New York State prisons

In New York, gravestones of people who died in prison only identified them by number. Now that’s changing after a pastor and another formerly incarcerated man argued the dead deserved to be named.

At least three people have died in a shooting at a motorcycle rally in New Mexico

Three people were killed and five were wounded in a shooting at an annual motorcycle rally in a New Mexico town late Saturday afternoon, the mayor said.

Playing a religious character without making faith the punchline

There was something revelatory about the way the HBO show Somebody Somewhere gently hold the spiritual identity of one of its characters. It wasn’t a punchline.

Look out, it’s lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

As part of an annual effort, the General Services Administration is offloading six lighthouses this year to eligible groups that promise to maintain them. The rest will be auctioned off to the public.

Republican-led Texas House impeaches state Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been impeached by fellow Republicans in a historic vote in the Texas House. He will immediately and temporarily be suspended from his duties.

2 more Oath Keepers are sentenced to prison terms for the Jan. 6 Capitol attack

A federal judge sentenced Army veterans Jessica Watkins, of Woodstock, Ohio, to more than eight years in prison and Kenneth Harrelson, of Titusville, Fla., to four years in the 2021 riot.

A day in the life of a New York City subway rider trying to break a record

New York City has more that 400 subway stops. One straphanger is trying to break the record for reaching all of them the fastest.

The Texas AG may be impeached by members of his own party. Here are the allegations

Saturday, the Texas House will vote on whether to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton who investigators say allegedly abused his office to help a campaign donor by committing bribery and more.

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