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Ga. residents experience mail delays after ‘Delivering for America’ goes into effect

Mail in parts of the U.S. has been arriving late because the rollout of a consolidation plan by the U.S. Postal Service has run into problems

Central Park Conservancy tests recycling bin designed for pizza boxes

New York’s Central Park has a special recycling bin specially designed for cardboard pizza boxes. The new bin — with a V-necked opening — makes it easy to slide in the box.

N.J. casinos are exempt from indoor smoking bans. Employees have health worries

A group of casino workers in Atlantic City, N.J., has asked a judge to ban smoking in casinos. Opponents of a ban warn the change could lead to steep economic declines.

How COVID shaped 4 graduating seniors’ high school experience

With graduations around the corner, high school seniors reflect on how the pandemic shaped their experience. Jewel Peterson, Graham Jones, Sarah Foglia and Skylar Ward graduate this spring.

The sport of cricket is mostly played by men — that’s changing in New Jersey

A group of women in Livingston, N.J., has formed a league to play the sport they grew up watching from the stands.

Like to bike? Your knees will thank you and you may live longer, too

New research shows lifelong bikers have healthier knees, less pain and a longer lifespan, compared to people who’ve never biked. This adds to the evidence that cycling promotes healthy aging.

She was a single mom, alone at hospital with her son. Then a familiar face appeared

In 2006, Patricia Nieshoff’s three-year-old son had a seizure. She was a single mother, with no one to accompany her to the hospital. But an hour into her hospital stay, a familiar face appeared.

Sean Combs apologizes for ‘my actions in that video’ that appeared to show an assault

Without addressing his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, who is seen in the video being kicked and dragged in 2016, the hip-hop mogul says, “I was disgusted then when I did it. I’m disgusted now.”

At age 90, America’s first Black astronaut candidate has finally made it to space

Ed Dwight, a former Air Force test pilot who was passed over to become an astronaut in the 1960s, described his flight aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard as “life changing.”

The Supreme Court ruled to protect the CFPB. Here’s why it matters for your money

NPR’s Tamara Keith speaks with Rohit Chopra, the director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, about a Supreme Court decision that validated how the bureau is funded.

Trump addresses NRA’s annual meeting, urges them to vote

Former President Trump addressed the NRA’s annual meeting in Dallas on Saturday. The meeting comes as the gun lobby group continues to reel from years of legal, financial, and internal turmoil.

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