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Ukraine’s defense minister pushes for fighter jets, even as training begins on tanks

On Monday, President Biden appeared to rule out delivering F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, but Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov tells NPR he’s optimistic Western allies will eventually supply them.

Pope Francis visits the Democratic Republic of Congo in first papal trip since 1985

His trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan will highlight the long-running conflicts in both countries and the rising importance of Africa to the future of the Catholic Church.

Human Rights Watch urges investigation of alleged use of land mines by Ukraine

Human Rights Watch suggests that Ukraine scattered so-called petal mines in and around the city of Izium. Petal mines are prohibited under the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, of which Ukraine is a signatory.

Scientists hope to curb the deadly Nipah virus that terrorizes Bangladesh villages

Every couple of years, a deadly outbreak of Nipah virus terrorizes villages in Bangladesh. Scientists there are studying the virus, which is harbored in fruit bats, to stop the cycle of outbreaks.

Ukraine’s defense minister hopes allies will supply his country with fighter jets

Ukraine’s defense minister says he’s optimistic Western allies will supply his country with advanced fighter jets, even as Ukrainian forces are poised to start training on tanks they’ve been promised.

Encore: Examining the state of global shipping and what it might mean

During the pandemic, the cost to fill and transport a shipping container skyrocketed. Now, shipping rates have dropped by roughly 80% over the last six months.

Taliban offshoot claims responsibility Pakistan mosque bombing that killed 59 people

A powerful suicide bombing in a mosque in Pakistan has killed at least 59 people and wounded dozens more. Well into the evening, medics dug victims out of the rubble.

Israel clears a hurdle for visa-free U.S. travel — but there are strings attached

The State Department has announced Israeli tourists may qualify for visa-free travel to the U.S., but only if Israel stops discriminating against Arab Americans.

Latest on Ukraine: British tank training for Ukrainian troops has begun (Jan. 30)

Catch up on key developments and the latest in-depth coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A bus crashed, fell off a bridge and caught fire in Pakistan, killing 40

A passenger bus crashed into a pillar and fell off a bridge, killing 40 people in southern Pakistan. On the same day, at least 10 students drowned in a lake after their boat capsized.

Ukraine’s fight against corruption

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Ambassador Julianne Smith, U.S. permanent representative to NATO, about anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

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