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White House Restricts Travel From Brazil, Where Coronavirus Cases Near 350,000

President Trump is barring non-U.S. citizens who have been in Brazil in the past two weeks, in an effort to curb infections. Brazil has the world’s highest number of cases after the U.S.

Australia’s Free Childcare Program

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with journalist Conor Duffy about the Australian government’s decision to make child care free for parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Pakistan, Women Find Freedom In Quarantine Through Bikes

Like many places, Pakistan has seen a surge in bike riding during the pandemic. But the face of cyclists is changing in this conservative society as women venture onto the roads.

COVID-19 Threatens Indigenous People Of The Amazon

A remote Amazon town of mostly indigenous Brazilians is struggling to protect its population as the coronavirus spreads through the forest.

Messaging From Leaders Who Have Tamed Their Country’s Coronavirus Outbreaks

Though a vaccine seems like the best way to control the spread of the coronavirus, some countries have already managed to bring their new cases down to nearly zero.

Ahead Of Eid, India’s Muslim Clerics Urge Celebrating At Home, Donating To Charity

“The happiness of Eid is in not hugging each other and not shaking hands this time over,” said a leading Indian imam. “Eid is related to life and happiness and we have to give the same.”

Hong Kong Lawmaker On China’s Controversial New Security Laws

NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Emily Lau about China’s plan for new national security laws affecting the region, which would punish antigovernment protests and secessionist behavior.

Kashmir Internet Restrictions Impede Fight Against Coronavirus

NPR’s Scott Simon talks to Kashmiri journalist Gowhar Geelani about how India’s lockdown and internet restrictions are impacting efforts to control the coronavirus outbreak.

Arctic Researchers Return Home To A Pandemic

An Arctic research expedition faces a carefully orchestrated crew change. Members reflect on how they feel about emerging from the ship into a pandemic, or from social isolation into close quarters.

Indonesians Prepare For Eid Holiday Amid Concerns Over Spread Of COVID-19

Indonesia, with a population of 260 million, has confirmed more than 20,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 1,320 deaths, but many suspect the numbers are not a true reflection of the disease’s reach.

Sons of Slain Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Forgive His Killers, Paving Way for Pardons

The writer’s eldest son, Saleh, tweeted Thursday, “If a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah.”

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