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U.S. weighs sending 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe to counter Russia

Biden is considering sending up to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, including Romania and Poland, a U.S. official told NPR. Russia has stationed 100,000 troops near Ukraine.

State Department orders families of embassy staff to leave Ukraine

Citing a “continued threat of Russian military action,” the U.S. State Department also authorized the voluntary departure of nonessential embassy employees at its embassy in Kyiv.

Buckingham Palace removes Prince Andrew’s titles in wake of sexual assault lawsuit

Sarah McCammon speaks to Sonia Sodha from ‘The Guardian’ about the sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew and its impact on the institution of Britain’s royal family.

In Pakistan, big trucks are the perfect canvas for intricate murals

We take a look at the colorful Pakistani practice of turning big transport trucks into wildly bright works of art.

Why Russian President Vladimir Putin is escalating the threat of war with Ukraine

Sarah McCammon talks with U.S. national security expert Andrea Kendall-Taylor about what is motivating Russian President Vladimir Putin as he escalates the threat of war with Ukraine.

Threat of Russian invasion escalates as both sides amass troops at Ukraine border

Ukraine’s military is preparing for a potential Russian invasion. Meanwhile, the UK’s foreign ministry issues a communique on Russian plans to install a pro-Moscow leader after a possible invasion.

New Zealand adds new restrictions and Ardern delays her wedding as omicron spreads

After nine cases were detected in the region, the country will impose gathering size limits and other measures. Until this month, New Zealand had avoided any outbreaks of the omicron variant.

Kiribati and Samoa implement rare lockdowns after travelers test positive

Dozens of travelers from Fiji tested positive in Kiribati, prompting the island nation to implement its first lockdown. Samoa’s order followed a cluster of cases in airline passengers from Australia.

Britain says Russia is planning to install a pro-Moscow leader in Ukraine

The U.K. said its claim is based on an intelligence assessment. Russia has massed tens of thousands of troops near the Ukraine border, stoking fears of an invasion.

Former NSA McMaster proposes climate policy to pressure Russia

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with former National Security Advisor, General H.R. McMaster, about how climate policy can be used to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

Why Russia’s thawing permafrost is a global problem

NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with Joshua Yaffa, Moscow correspondent for the New Yorker, about a major climate change threat confronting Russia.

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