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The fate of the Amazon rainforest may rest on the results of Brazil’s vote on Sunday

After record deforestation and environmental deregulation in the past few years, the result of the Brazilian election could very well determine the fate of the Amazon rainforest.

The real world impact of Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian regions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally annexed four regions of Ukraine. Ukraine responded by submitting an application to quickly ascend into NATO. The moves are an escalation in the conflict.

Fungi served as Bjork’s latest muse in her new album, ‘Fossora’

Bjork’s Fossora peers down into the soil, in a love letter to fungi. “Bubbly and fun” is how she describes her new album.

Players on Spain’s women soccer team say they won’t play until changes are made

NPR’s Juana Summers speaks with Barcelona-based reporter Alan Ruiz-Terol about 15 women soccer players renouncing to play for the Spanish national team.

The history of Iran’s so-called morality police

Iran’s Guidance Patrol is under fire after protests across the country. NPR’s Juana Summers speaks with an Iranian scholar Roxane Farmanfarmaian about the history of the controversial institution.

Understanding Putin’s latest moves as he annexes even more of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin illegally annexed four more Ukrainian regions Friday. NPR’s Juana Summers speaks with senior policy researcher at the RAND corporation Dara Massicot about the move.

People in Cuba protest over the island-wide blackout caused by Hurricane Ian

The power outage caused by the storm prompted protests in the streets of Havana as several hundred people demanded restoration of electricity more than two days after a blackout hit the entire island.

A piglet left behind by its herd finds a new family with some cattle

Wild boars have a reputation for destruction, but farmer Friedrich Stapel told a news agency that he can’t bear to chase away the piglet, which he’s named Frieda. It’ll winter with his mother cows.

Putin illegally annexes territories in Ukraine, in spite of global opposition

The Russian president signed what he calls “accession treaties” that world powers refuse to recognize. It’s his latest attempt to redraw the map of Europe at Ukraine’s expense.

Threats to water and biodiversity are linked. A new U.S. envoy role tackles them both

“The loss of nature and rising water insecurity are global health threats that must be confronted together,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

In a bio-engineered dystopia, ‘Vesper’ finds seeds of hope

In the sci-fi drama Vesper, the title character is a 13 year old bio-hacker who lives in a future where humankind has wiped out all edible plants.

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