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New Study Points To Invisible Killer Of Infants

The culprit is air pollution — a problem around the globe, from homes where people cook using coal and wood to the smoky streets of San Francisco when wildfires were raging.

Pentagon Says 2 Men Killed In Baghdadi Raid Were Combatants But Offers Little Evidence

After NPR reported claims of civilian deaths in the operation against the ISIS chief, Central Command says the men showed “hostile intent,” but it found no weapons or signs they fired at U.S. forces.

Cities On Both Sides Of U.S.-Mexico Border Strain Under Coronavirus Surge

NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with Angela Kocherga, news director at KTEP radio station, about the coronavirus surge along the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘Very Nice!’: Kazakhstan, Outraged No More, Embraces Borat In New Slogan

The country is welcoming a chance to boost its profile through the new movie featuring the fictional journalist Borat. And as one young Kazakhstani puts it, “This is a parody of American society.”

U.S. And India Sign Military Agreement During Pompeo, Esper Trip

It’s the latest in a series of U.S.-India military agreements designed to counter China’s growing power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Pompeo, Esper Reinforce U.S.’s Anti-China Message In India

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are in India’s capital to sign military agreements, and continue to push the Trump administration’s anti-China message.

The Dark Side Of The Recovery Revealed In Big Data

The way the government tracks recessions is largely the same as it was 70 years ago. A research group is working to change that and is revealing a lot about the lopsided recovery along the way.

Despite Trump-Modi Friendship, Survey Says Indian Americans Back Biden

A new survey of Indian American voters finds they heavily favor Biden over Trump. Both campaigns have been reaching out to Indian Americans, a small but potentially decisive voting bloc.

News Brief: Trump-Biden Campaigns, Facebook Ads, COVID-19 Surge

Presidential campaigns are in high gear with Election Day a week away. At the same time, Facebook stops political ads. And, European countries reinstate curfews and closures as COVID-19 cases spike.

Italy, Spain Tighten Restrictions After Coronavirus Cases Spike

Protests are growing against renewed coronavirus restrictions in Italy, which is seeing a surge in cases. Spain has declared a national state of emergency, and the government is enforcing a curfew.

Vatican Court Hears Unprecedented Sexual Abuse Criminal Trial

A 28-year-old priest is charged with sexually abusing an altar boy over a five-year period in a Vatican City youth seminary. Another priest, the former rector, is charged with covering up the abuse.

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