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What did NATO members take away from President Biden’s speech?

NPR’s Sacha Pfeiffer talks to Rachel Rizzo of the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, about whether Biden’s speech reassured allies that the U.S. will continue to support Ukraine.

She was the target of an Iranian assassination plot. She now lives in its shadow

In 2022, a hitman was allegedly hired as part of a plot hatched in Iran to assassinate Masih Alinejad, a critic of the Iranian regime, in New York. Threats continue to turn her life upside down.

The Pentagon plans to reinstall the floating pier off the Gaza coast

The pier will be used to deliver long-stalled humanitarian aid. Will it finally live up to the Biden administration’s hopes?

Morning news brief

President Biden delivers confident speech to NATO summit. Russia strikes children’s hospital in Ukrainian capital. NPR probe finds the pharmacist who makes a sedative used in Texas executions.

How these Ukrainian artists are using their talents to support the war effort

From graffiti artists painting camo on cars to dancers raising money for the army, this is a look at how young Ukrainians use their creative talents to support the country against Russia’s invasion.

A Moscow court orders the arrest of Alexei Navalny’s widow, who lives abroad

A Moscow court ordered the arrest of the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny during a hearing that was conducted in absentia as part of a sweeping Kremlin crackdown on the opposition.

Israel is divided over next steps in Gaza

Israel’s military and politicians are divided on whether to strike a ceasefire deal with Hamas. Israeli experts have presented the government with proposals for a postwar Gaza.

Maduro faces uphill election battle after leading Venezuela into crisis

About 7.7 million Venezuelans have fled to escape poverty and political turmoil — about one-fifth of the country’s population. It’s now a potent issue in Venezuela’s presidential election.

What’s behind the elections results in France and the U.K.

Last week, Britain’s center-left Labour Party celebrated a big win over the long-ruling Conservative Party. Then, Sunday in France, voters rejected a surging far-right populist party.

Israeli airstrikes have hit at least 3 UN schools sheltering people in Gaza in 6 days

At least three UN schools housing displaced people have been hit directly by Israeli airstrikes in less than a week. A fourth suffered damage after an airstrike hit a building next to it.

Joy on France’s streets as voters turn out in record numbers to deny far-right victory

Joy on the Streets as Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers to Deny Far-Right Victory

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