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Voters cast their ballots in Kenyan presidential election with low turnout

The presidential election in Kenya drew low voter turnout on Tuesday pitting opposition leader Raila Odinga against Deputy President William Ruto.

Author of ‘Taliban’ reflects on how the group has changed since it was last in power

In 2001, author and journalist Ahmed Rashid wrote the definitive account of the Taliban and its origins. NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly now speaks with Rashid, a year after the Taliban re-took Afghanistan.

Blinken will try to ease tensions between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo

A recent United Nations report accuses Rwanda of supporting rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo. United States Secretary of State Blinken is visiting both countries to try to cool tensions.

The new CHIPS and Science Act will bring semiconductor chip manufacturing to the U.S.

President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law Tuesday, which allocates $53 billion dollars in federal funding to manufacture semiconductor chips domestically.

With many voters discouraged, turnout was low for Kenya’s presidential election

Kenyans are going to the polls Tuesday to elect a new president. The two front runners are familiar names in the East African nation.

11 more tips on how to stay cool without an A/C, recommended by NPR’s readers

NPR readers share their favorite tips on how to cope with heat without an air conditioner. Among the tips: take a shower with a sheet on, then wear it to bed.

A young man attempts to escape Russian-occupied Ukraine — then he goes silent

Vitaliy is a 22-year-old Ukrainian college student living in occupied Kherson. He had been sending NPR voice memos for months describing life in the city. Then he decided to leave.

In Kenya, promises of marijuana paradise electrify the electorate

One of Kenya’s presidential candidates is promising to legalize weed. His long-shot campaign has entertained, but it might also mark a different kind of politics for the East African nation.

Taps will soon run dry as ‘Day Zero’ nears on South Africa’s Eastern Cape

In South Africa, the city formerly known at Port Elizabeth is approaching “Day Zero”, the moment when the taps may run dry.

Ceasefire takes effect after 3 days of fighting between Israel and Gaza militants

A ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza appears to be mostly holding as both sides assess what just happened in three days of fighting.

Violence has damaged infrastructure near a Ukraine power plant, sparking safety fears

Concern is growing over damage to a Ukrainian nuclear facility seized by Russians in March, which is reportedly currently under bombardment. Ukraine is seeking an international mission to the plant.

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