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Civilians escape Kherson after Russian strikes on freed city

Civilians have streamed out of the southern Ukrainian city whose recapture they had celebrated just weeks earlier, after days of intensive shelling by Russian forces.

Diamond diggers in South Africa’s deserted mines break the law — and risk their lives

Photos show the desperate search for scraps left by big diamond operators. But amid rampant poverty and unemployment, zama-zamas see no other way to provide for their families.

Imran Khan says his party will quit all assemblies in Pakistan

The former prime minister was ousted in a no-confidence vote in parliament in April. He is now in the opposition and has been demanding early elections.

Italian rescuers search for missing in island landslide, with one confirmed dead

Heavy rainfall triggered landslides early Saturday on the southern Italian island of Ischia. It cut a muddy swath through a port town, collapsing buildings and sweeping cars into the sea.

Taiwan’s president resigns as party leader after election losses

Voters in Taiwan overwhelmingly chose the opposition Nationalist party in several major races across the self-ruled island in an election in which threats from China took a backseat to local issues.

Encore: India installs a record volume of solar power in 2022

As the world aims to reduce carbon emissions, particularly from developing nations, India is bragging: It’s installed a record volume of solar power in 2022 to wean itself off of coal.

Ukrainians face winter in Kyiv without electricity, heat and water

Winter in Kyiv, Ukraine, sometimes without electricity, heat and water, is a challenge for the country’s people.

Russia strikes, Ukraine repairs, in a battle to survive the winter

Ukraine is still recovering from the latest Russian airstrikes. Ukraine’s air defenses have proved more resilient than expected. But can it cope this winter with an onslaught on the electricity grid?

Afghans are bracing for a winter many fear will be even worse than the last

At World Food Programme distribution sites, “Everybody tells us, ‘Last winter was difficult, but we have no idea how we will get through the coming winter,'” says a WFP spokesperson in Kabul.

Europe fears its industries will jet to the U.S. as energy costs force plant closures

Duralex glassware maker is just one company that’s suspended operations over spiking energy costs after a cutoff of Russian natural gas.

Japan investigators raid Dentsu in widening Olympic probe

Japanese prosecutors raided the headquarters of advertising company Dentsu as the investigation into corruption related to the Tokyo Olympics widened. Dentsu helped land the 2020 Games for Tokyo.

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