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In attempting to curtail immigration, the U.S. looks for allies in Latin America

The Biden administration has partnered with Mexico to tryi to stop the flow of migrants. But also is changing the tone of the relationship with other countries who recently elected new leaders.

What’s a book ban anyway? Depends on who you ask

The term “book ban” is used a lot in media and elsewhere when addressing the rise in challenges to certain books being allowed in schools and public libraries. But is it more political hyperbole or a censorship alarm bell?

More cities are banning right turns on red in response to rising pedestrian deaths

Turning right at a red light has been common since the fuel embargo of the 1970s, but some city officials say they don’t make sense in urban areas.

Hunter Biden’s gun trial began a week ago. Where do things stand at this point?

Following three days of emotional testimony, federal prosecutors have rested their case in the federal gun trial of Hunter Biden. As the defense begins, will the president’s son be called to testify?

Biden’s policies aimed at curbing illegal migration face many challenges

It’s been nearly a week since President Biden’s executive actions restricting asylum at the Southern border went into effect, and its impact can already be felt in border communities in Mexico.

Indigenous activist Leonard Peltier has first parole hearing in a decade

The Indigenous activist has been in prison nearly 50 years for the 1975 killing of two FBI agents. In ailing health, supporters say this might be his last bid for freedom.

California wildfire smoke linked to early deaths

A new study finds that during smoky years like 2018, when the town of Paradise burned down, more than 10,000 people died prematurely. It’s a wake-up call about the scale of the problem, they say.

COVID Funding Is Ending For Schools. What Will it Mean for Students?

Billions of dollars in federal COVID funding is set to expire for K-12 schools.

Educators across the country say the extra money helped students catch up, and plenty of students still need that support.

Some schools say losing the the money, received over the last few years, will lead to cancelation of crucial programs, budget cutbacks and possible layoffs.

NPR’s Scott Detrow speaks with Wall Street Journal education reporter Matt Barnum about the impact of expiring federal funds on schools across the country.

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Venezuelan family traveled for 3 months, only to be denied asylum claim at the border

President Joe Biden’s executive actions that temporarily halts most asylum claims at the southern border is leaving many immigrant families in limbo, hoping they’ll be eligible to reunite with their loved ones.

The driving tactic that could make your morning commute easier

NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe speaks with Marshall Zelinger of 9News Denver about his reporting on and advocacy for zipper merging, a driving tactic that can ease traffic congestion.

How Biden’s new restrictions on asylum seekers are impacting migrants at the border

In the first few days after President Biden restrictions on asylum seekers went into effect, hundreds of people have been deported. We’ll bring you the scene from the southern border.

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