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Oscar-Nominated ‘Knife Skills’ Showcases Ex-Cons And Odd Ducks In The Kitchen

The documentary chronicles the opening of Edwins, a fine-dining restaurant in Cleveland that provides education, housing and steady employment for former inmates.

What’s Next For DACA And DREAMers

DACA was set to expire on Monday but the future is now in limbo. NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Rob Jesmer of FWD.us, a group founded to mobilize the tech community to fix our immigration system.

Rural Communities Take Broadband Into Their Own Hands

Millions of people living in rural areas don’t have access to broadband Internet. It’s expensive to build networks from scratch so local communities are trying new ways to get people online.

A Gun Shop Owner On Age Limits In Sales

A sheriff in Florida has asked local gun shop owners to stop selling semi-automatic weapons to people under 21. Scott Simon talks to Brian DeVito of The Tactical Store. He’s agreed to the request.

Childhood Friends Reunited — In The Middle Of The Vietnam War

Vince Cantu and Joe Galloway first met in third grade. They lost track of each other in 1959, but met in an extraordinary scene in Vietnam — and there’s a famous picture to prove it.

The Russia Investigations: Is ‘FISA Abuse’ Out Of Steam? Intel Committees On Edge?

President Trump may have lost his patience with the “FISA abuse” defense, leading him to spar publicly with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is definitely Team DOJ. And big cyber-questions remain.

Wildcat Teacher Strike; NYC Schools Drama; DeVos Protects Student Lenders

Plus hurricane relief, science help for preschoolers and more, in our weekly education news roundup.

Food Stall Serves Up A Social Experiment: Charge White Customers More Than Minorities

To highlight racial income disparity, a chef in New Orleans opened a food stall, asking whites to pay $30 and people of color to pay $12 for the same meal. How did it play out?

Here’s Why Environmentalists Are Cheering The Latest Burger At Sonic Drive-In

The fast-food chain is about to roll out a new kind of burger made from a mixture of beef and mushrooms. Sonic calls it “uniquely delicious.” Environmentalists say it could help save the planet.

Florida Lawmakers Focusing On Legislation To Prevent School Shootings

Florida lawmakers are considering measures proposed after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The bill is opposed by the National Rifle Association because of limits on gun purchases and by some Democrats because it would arm t…

Florida State Rep. Jared Moskowitz Discusses Delays In Gun Control Legislation

NPR’s Ailsa Chang talks with Florida state Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat who represents the Parkland area, about the state legislature’s delay in voting on gun control measures, following the deadly shooting in February.

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