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Trump Heralds a New Trade Deal, Then Says He Might Delay It

In a meandering speech, Mr. Trump seemed to undercut his own administration’s initiatives, including on infrastructure and a trade agreement with South Korea.

Citing Trump’s ‘Racial Slurs,’ Judge Says Suit to Preserve DACA Can Continue

A federal judge in Brooklyn said President Trump’s language had created a “plausible inference” that the decision to end DACA violated the Constitution.

Fact Check: The Facts Behind Trump’s Tweet on Amazon, Taxes and the Postal Service

President Trump criticized Amazon again, causing its stock price to decrease. Here are the facts behind his tweets.

Parkland Activist Rejected by Colleges. But It’s O.K.: ‘We’re Already Changing the World’

Leaders of the student movement that sprang from the Parkland shooting are in some cases finding that their sudden fame didn’t help their college admission hopes.

Hard Choice for Cities Under Cyberattack: Whether to Pay Ransom

Recovering from a ransomware attack like the one plaguing Atlanta can be so expensive that forking over may be the cheapest way out — but no one wants to make crime pay.

Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ Is Granted a New Trial

A Maryland appeals court affirmed a ruling that Mr. Syed, who is serving a life sentence, should get a new trial. His case was the subject of the popular podcast’s first season.

Eric Holder Says He’ll Sue to Block Census Change

In a wide-ranging TimesTalks conversation, Mr. Holder, the former attorney general, also said Facebook should be viewed as a communication company and be regulated.

Eric Holder Speaks With The Times

Eric Holder, the United States attorney general under President Barack Obama, said Facebook should be viewed as a communication company and be regulated.

Utah Passes ‘Free-Range’ Parenting Law

A new law in Utah is the first in the nation written to protect parents who allow children to walk to school alone or play unsupervised.

California Today: California Today: Sacramento Mayor Questions Police Training

Thursday: Sacramento’s mayor on the Stephon Clark shooting, Gavin Newsom skips debates, paying for water tunnels, and the mysterious Mendocino car crash.

Trump Attacks Amazon, Saying It Does Not Pay Enough Taxes

The president’s commentary, made in a Twitter post, comes amid reports that Mr. Trump has expressed an interest in reining in the e-commerce business.

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