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What to know before you ‘break the glass’ on your 401(k)

With millions of jobs lost because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for ways to cover expenses in the short term.

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Who has tested positive?

One man lost his life savings in a SIM hack. Here’s how you can try to protect yourself

Robert Ross was sitting in his San Francisco home office in October 2018 when he noticed the bars on his phone had disappeared and he had no cell coverage. A few hours later, he had lost $1 million.


Best to binge 📺

College football player hands ball off to senior teammate

Chris Hoad, a senior at the University of Texas Permian Basin, finished his last game in style thanks to an act of kindness from his sophomore teammate John O’Kelley.


Dog with one eye, two legs is town celebrity-

The fact that he survived has been called a miracle, but the fact that he ended up with the family he did might be a greater one.


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