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Migrants Passing Through Libya Could End Up Being Sold As Slaves

One man tells his story of being sold and enslaved temporarily in Libya as he tried to migrate to Europe.

Migrants Captured In Libya Say They End Up Sold As Slaves

Men detained en route to Europe in Libya tell NPR that guards held them for ransom and sold them off to other detention centers and ultimately into forced labor.

Bodies of 39 Kidnapped Indian Workers Found In Mass Grave In Iraq

DNA analysis of remains prove that the men who were abducted in 2014 were killed. Government officials say the victims, found in a village outside of Mosul, were murdered by ISIS.

Trump Paid Royal Visit From Saudi Crown Prince

President Trump greeted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and praised arms deals between the two countries and the prince’s growing power.

What Trump Needs To Know Before Talks With North Korea

If President Trump winds up across the table from Kim Jong Un, he should study the lessons from previous attempts to denuclearize North Korea, writes Scott Snyder.

From Kenya’s postelection violence, an online community forms to give aid

When Sallinder Nyawira received panicked messages from a colleague last August amid Kenya’s postelection violence, she knew she had to help. After both Kenya’s August election and a second election in October, violence broke out in hot spots, namely i…

Facebook’s lapse in privacy protection

Facebook, the social media giant that collects data on about a quarter of humanity, is in the hot seat over the disclosure of personal information about 50 million of its users to a voter-profiling company. Every country, not just the United States, i…

Here comes the esports revolution – are video gamers the Tom Bradys of tomorrow?

Brady Girardi smiles as the next fan in line hands him a poster to sign. “You were so good tonight!” the woman gushes as Mr. Girardi scrawls his name across the page. The fan, whose shock of yellow-green hair matches Girardi’s jersey, walks away with…

In Kansas voter ID trial, a clash of two visions for America

There were a few things Jo Carolyn French wanted people to know when she took the witness stand at the US District Court in Kansas City last week – among them, that as an Arkansas teenager she picked 300 pounds of cotton a day and as a senior citizen s…

23 Russian Diplomats Fly Home, Expelled From U.K. Amid Poisoning Dispute

The move is intended to punish Moscow for an alleged nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil. Moscow has responded by expelling 23 British diplomats in turn.

For Democrats, all that enthusiasm comes with risks

When Conor Lamb won the special House election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district last week, William Bondshu cheered. Like many Democrats across the country, Mr. Bondshu saw the win as a sign that voters in the party could transform their grievances agai…

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