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USS Carl Vinson Will Spend The Next Few Days In Da Nang, Vietnam

It’s the first U.S. carrier visit since the end of the Vietnam war, and comes at a time of increasing tension between the U.S. and China, and among China and some of its neighbors — including Vietnam.

As Scandals Swirl At Home, Netanyahu Visits U.S. To Talk Iran, Embassy Move With Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the U.S. this week for the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference. The trip comes amid a corruption investigation in Israel.

Italians Go To The Polls

Italy goes to the polls Sunday following one of the country’s nastiest campaigns. We look at the implications for Italy and the EU.

Germany Forms New Governing Coalition

Members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party have voted to join a coalition government under Chancellor Angela Merkel.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Visits Vietnam For The First Time Since The War

A U.S. aircraft carrier is visiting Vietnam, making it the first one since the Vietnam War. We’re looking at that visit from two very different perspectives.

Eastern Ghouta Gains Attention In Syrian Civil War

NPR’s Renee Montagne speaks with Syrian activist Kassem Eid about the situation in his country and what it’s like to live under siege.

My Night Camping In An 18th Century Church In England

Many old churches in England have gone into disrepair after losing their congregations. Now an organization is raising money for upkeep by letting people camp — “champ” — overnight inside of them.

A Crash Course In Vermont’s Head-Turning, Homegrown Sport

A reporter and longtime skier takes a whack at the wacky, DIY sport, jack jumping, which began in the 19th century. Enthusiasts of the state’s pastime will compete in a world championship on Sunday.

Unusually High Temperatures In Arctic Rise In Frequency

Weather patterns in the Arctic have been described as “freakishly warm.” NPR’s Michel Martin talks with climate science professor Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University about what’s behind it.

Aid Group Pulls Out Of Nigerian Town Following Deadly Suspected Boko Haram Attack

Tens of thousands of displaced people living in a nearby camp are now deprived of medical care, said Doctors Without Borders. Three aid workers were among those killed.

110 Schoolgirls Kidnapped In Nigeria

The Nigerian government is under mounting pressure to find 110 school girls who were kidnapped more than a week ago in northeast Nigeria, likely by Boko Haram.

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