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After Parents Win Court-Ordered Eviction, Adult Son Leaves Home

When Michael Rotondo, 30, tried to get back in to get his Legos, his father blocked his way and police were called. Officers arrived, the Legos were found and Michael moved on to an AirBnB.

Graduating Seniors In Parkland, Fla., Hear From Jimmy Fallon

Seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduated Sunday, nearly four months after the deadly shooting at their school. They received graduation advice from a surprise speaker.

In San Francisco’s Mayoral Special Election, Homelessness Is A Big Issue

Whoever wins Tuesday’s election will have to grapple with a homelessness crisis that touches every corner of the city. Over the past few decades, San Francisco has spent billions on the problem.

From Chaos To Calm: A Life Changed By Ketamine

The anesthetic ketamine first wowed the medical world with its ability to relieve severe depression in hours. Now it’s showing promise for other psychiatric disorders, including bipolar and PTSD.

Coal Miners’ Fund Set For Deep Cuts As Black Lung Epidemic Grows

A federal trust fund for coal miners with the deadly disease black lung could run up a $15 billion deficit, if a planned funding cut happens at the end of the year.

Giuliani: President Trump Has Constitutional Authority To Pardon Himself

Appearing on ABC, the president’s attorney said that while legal, the president has “no intention” to do so. On NBC, Giuliani said such a move would be “unthinkable” and probably lead to impeachment.

Jimmy Fallon To Parkland Graduates: ‘That Was You Choosing Hope Over Fear’

As a surprise speaker at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduation, The Tonight Show host offered the Class of 2018 a hopeful message, months after a shooter killed 17 classmates and teachers.

Puerto Rico Ramps Up Mental Health Training

One of the less visible effects of Hurricane Maria has been PTSD. Many Puerto Ricans are dealing with trauma related to the storm, especially as the next hurricane season begins.

Puerto Rico Exodus Bound To Shake Up Mainland Policy

NPR’s Michel Martin talks to Alfonso Aguilar. He’s a Republican and one of Puerto Rico’s five shadow delegates to Congress.

How Pop Duo Buscabulla Lifts Up Puerto Rican Artists

The Prima Fund provides grants for Puerto Rican musicians. NPR’s Michel Martin talks to co-founder Raquel Barrios of the group Buscabulla and grant-recipient Jose Ivan.

A Small Puerto Rico Town’s Makeshift Relief Center

After Hurricane Maria, Christine Nieves started the Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo Mariana to feed a community that was devastated by the storm. They still offer one meal a day.

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