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How the Biden-Trump Border Visits Revealed a Deeper Divide

Their approaches to immigration represent a test of voters’ appetite for the messiness of democracy, pitting the president’s belief in legislating against his rival’s pledge to be a “Day 1” dictator.

Guard at the Center of Boston Art Museum Heist Dies at 57

His decision to let in two robbers disguised as police officers enabled the greatest art theft in history — a crime that remains unsolved today.

Congress Clears Bill to Avert Partial Government Shutdown, With Key Issues Unresolved

The latest temporary spending measure buys Congress a week to finalize details of a deal on half of government spending, and another three weeks to negotiate and pass the other half.

Ferguson, Mo., Agrees to Pay $4.5 Million to Settle ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Suit

A federal judge gave the settlement preliminarily approval nearly a decade after a class-action lawsuit accused the city of wrongfully jailing plaintiffs for traffic tickets and other minor offenses.

Jack Teixeira Expected to Plead Guilty in Leak of Trove of Secrets

Airman Teixeira is accused of posting national defense information and classified documents to a gaming chat group and has been in custody since being arrested in the spring.

Trump Asks for August Trial Date in Classified Documents Case

After previously seeking to have the proceeding postponed until after the election, the former president’s lawyers unexpectedly said he could live with a date over the summer.

Election Shadows Supreme Court in Trump’s Immunity Case

In an ordinary case, the justices’ decision to hear arguments in April might seem a sober compromise. But the electoral calendar and Donald J. Trump’s hope for delays prompt questions.

Katie Britt to Deliver Republican Response to Biden’s State of the Union

The Alabama senator, the youngest Republican woman to be elected to the Senate, is viewed as a rising star in an aging, male-dominated party, and as a contrast to President Biden, who is nearly four decades older.

Former U.S. Ambassador Accused of Being Cuban Agent Signals Guilty Plea

Manuel Rocha was charged in December with acting as an agent of a foreign government and defrauding the United States, in a case involving one of the biggest national security breaches in years.

Alabama Lawmakers Advance Bills in a Race to Protect I.V.F.

Republicans in the State House and Senate on Thursday showed overwhelming support for legislation shielding I.V.F. providers.

Waiting on Supreme Court, States Go It Alone in Trump Ballot Cases

An Illinois judge’s decision to disqualify Donald J. Trump from the primary ballot injected chaos into early voting and added urgency for a federal resolution.

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